the only possible response to a world at FULL volume

A World at Full Volume


Michelle wrote her first story when she was eight years-old. By the age of twenty-five she was a published writer. She considers her writing to be the only possible response to a world at full volume. 

The Girl of Your Dreams


(Based on a true story about a guy in Tokyo.)

"For the first time in his life he wasn’t lonely. No more of that longing ache for someone, anyone, to put his arms around and hold all night until the sun comes out and he has to go to work another day. Now he was pleased to go because he did it for them. For her and for the other ninety-nine. He was still making payments on ten of them."

The Mistress of Assassination


"France, 1793, Revolution.
Witnesses wondered whether Charlotte Corday was aware, in the seconds after the guillotine removed her head, of Sanson’s assistant slapping her cheek. ​Those who saw it say she blushed from the blow. "

The Stigmata of Opportunity


Her stigmata is his opportunity to realize his grandest ambitions as a photojournalist. The moment he had what he wanted in life, he disappeared and she never heard from him again. He never looked back 

Only she paid the price in blood that ran from her stigmata every time she thought of him and  went more pale with each passing day. 

Illustration by Jenna Escobosa


Original illustration for Stigmata of Opportunity by artist Jena Escobosa was created for the publication -

Audio version read by G-Allen Bartell


The Stigmata of Opportunity and

 Mistress Of Assassination read by
TV, stage, and voice actor,
​G-Alan Bartel